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Welcome to Pathfinder open table gaming!

This game is played Wednesday afternoons/evenings from 4pm-9pm.

Character Build Information

Stats: 4d6, drop 1. Single reroll on die result of a 1.

Races: Core rulebook races at this time.

Classes: Core rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat classes at this time. Sorry, no fire-arms users or Eastern characters, they don’t fit with the Greyhawk campaign setting. Multi-class Characters can have two classes, and Prestige classes don’t count towards the two-class restriction. Example: wizard/cleric/mystic theurge, rogue/bard/shadowdancer, or fighter/wizard/eldritch knight.

Alignment: Any non-evil alignments that meet class restrictions.

Wealth: Max starting gold (see p. 399).

Experience: Fast track XP chart, level-on-resting grants full HP, spells, ki, etc.

Hit Points: Max hit dice rolls per level.

Home Page

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