GameTime Open Table RPG

Digging Deeper

In this session, our intrepid heroes explore the kobold-infested mine shaft 14, only to discover an opening to a large natural chamber, which the miners had accidentally opened.

From a narrow ledge above the cavern, the party observed a congregation of kobolds. Led by a single kobold in maroon robes, the group was holding a religious service and preparing for a human sacrifice to their dragon god.

However, as the sacrifice — bound and adorned in silver ore, coins, & other baubles, was dragged into a charred pit, the party intervened.

They got more than they bargained with, however, as the kobold leader turned out to be a dangerous sorcerer, equipped with a Torc of Bloody Rage. As the battle went sour for the kobolds, the sorcerer dropped his wand & entered a deadly rage. Fortunately, our heroes were able to subdue him with a well-placed blow to the neck.

Unfortunately, when one hero went to check on the miner, the ground beneath his feet bubbled and broke—and a vicious Thoqqua boiled out from the ground & devoured the hapless miner, seeking the precious metals strapped to him. Turns out, the kobolds were not worshipping a dragon hatchling at all.

After defeating the thoqqua our heroes took a much-needed rest.

A New Day, A New Adventure
Interview with Lord Decker

Awakening from the dreamscape, our heroes discover that they are not where they drank Nilbog’s potion—and two of their companions are not present either. The party awakens in the local Temple of Sarenrae, under the care of Sister Tabitha. The half-orc cleric & nurse is working on her needlepoint when our heroes begin gathering their things. She offers them a piece of paper with an invite to Lord Decker’s estate for a private audience with the former adventuring noble.

Inside Lord Decker explains to them that one of the silver mines that he partly owns with Alistair “the Silver Baron” Merryweather has been closed due to disappearance of an entire mining crew! The team agrees to help out in exchange for gold, books, & private conversations, then sets out on their way.

Inside, they discover the numerous traps left in place to injure & harass the workers of shaft 14, painful ground-based traps, trip-wires that release all manner of bladed & piercing instruments, and even a fake wall!

As our heroes explore deeper into the mine shaft, a fake wall is knocked down and a pack of kobolds ambushes them! The party rapidly dealt with the surprise attack and continue their way into the perilous depths before them…

Welcome to Silver Springs!
A day at the fair.

Our heroes, by one path or another, find themselves in the small mining community of Silver Springs, and it is fair day! Yay!

Wooden carnival tokens are available for only 1 silver coin for 5 tokens, & the heroes wander around playing various games of skill & luck & enjoying the bounty of a plentiful harvest season.

The most enticing game is Nilbog’s Monstrous Maze. Herein, the common folk can enjoy the life of an adventurer & win prizes on how well they delve into a dungeon & fight “dangerous” monsters. For our intrepid adventurers, the charming-yet-sinister gnome maze-master offers a wager: gamble your very lives and keep what you find, but lose and you lose everything. Taking the maze-master at his word, the adventurers drink a strange potion and lie down on the chairs provided…

Awakening inside a dreamscape, our heroes journey through rooms rigged with clever puzzles, some amusing and some deadly. They find strange creatures bent on their destruction, and two of them are slain in the dreamscape. As their bodies disappear into a black-and-purple swirling mist, the reality of their situation becomes all too clear: die in the dreamscape and you die in the waking world.

With renewed caution our intrepid heroes continue their journey through Nilbog’s maze, eventually disappearing one at a time into an inky blackness—a strange, solitary trip into a private dreamscape in which they confront their deepest fears & insecurities. Battling through a singular deeper dream that leaves them with no allies and no way out but through, each of our heroes emerged with their sanity intact.


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