Welcome to Mana Spot open table gaming!

We are currently running two games, which alternate weekly.

Game 1 is a Pathfinder system with some super powers added.
Game 2 is a Rifts system with SDC only gear, set in the Fallout universe.

Sessions are held weekly on Tuesday from 6pm-9pm.

Game 1 character build info:
Stats: 4d6, drop 1. Single reroll on die result of a 1.

Races: Humans only.

Classes: Core rulebook NPC classes with one campaign-specific adjustment/option for Adepts. I made up an Arcanist, a prepared INT-based spellcaster for the game. Sorry, no Eastern characters, they don’t fit with the campaign setting. Characters can still take Prestige Classes.

Alignment: Any, however if you choose to play evil do not also play stupid.

Wealth: Max starting gold (see Table: NPC Gear).

Experience: Medium track XP chart, level-on-resting grants full HP, spells, etc.

Hit Points: Max hit dice rolls per level.

Game 2 character build info:
Best to draw up a character concept and backstory, then let Nick and/or Joe help you flesh it out into an actual class. Rifts can be very complicated to the those that are unfamiliar with the system.

Mana Spot Open Table RPG