Welcome to GameTime open table gaming!

We are currently running a Pathfinder RPG set in a homebrew generic fantasy setting.

Sessions are held weekly on Wednesday from 6pm-10pm.

Character build info:
Stats: 15, 14, 14, 12, 11, 10.

Races: Core Rulebook only.

Classes: Core rulebook, APG, Ultimate Magic & Ultimate Combat classes. Advanced Class guide approval on case-by-case basis.

Sorry, no firearm-using characters, they don’t fit with the campaign setting.

Characters can still take Prestige Classes.

Alignment: Any, however if you choose to play evil do not also play stupid. In fact, avoid evil.
Starting gear: pick a main weapon & backup weapon. Select your class’s kit (fighter’s kit, cleric’s kit, etc) or Pahtfinder’s kit. Buy magic, MW, upgrades & sundries with character wealth. Feel free to ask if you can have something, I’m pretty lenient about gear.

Wealth: Max starting gold.

Experience: Not following a chart, I’m tracking XP on my end. Players level at necessary plot points. Levelling up grants full HP, spells, etc—even in the middle of a dungeon!

Hit Points: Max hit dice rolls per level. You’re a hero.

GameTime Open Table RPG

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